Our Association

The Board of Directors of the Magna Mater fertility association

President – Persa Tzeferakou
Vice-President – Dionyssia Antonopoulou
Secretary – Aggeliki Danezi
Treasurer – Anastasia Lekakou
Member – Stavros Tzeferakos

The next elections for the Board of Directors are scheduled for December 2007.

Join Magna Mater and let us make you smile!
The Magna Mater association aims to embrace and help couples with fertility problems by offering both information on assisted reproduction and psychological support by special psychologists.

Information & Couple counselling
We hold meetings regularly with specialized doctors so that our members may receive specific information about their problem. At these meetings, couples are also offered the opportunity to get in touch with other couples with the same problem and exchange views and experiences. It is very touching to see the solidarity that exists, the immense help and courage that is offered to those who are making the effort.

Help from others
It is necessary to help people understand the problem in order to crash the prejudice that exists in this country at a large scale. Many couples do not even dare to discuss it with their families although infertility problems can be dealt with nowadays. There are 300.000 couples facing the same problem: we should all join our forces in making others understand what we are going through and ask for their support.

The cost is often unbearable for many couples, which is why we should ask the state to offer us substantial support by covering the full cost, as is the case in almost every other European country. Let us all join the Magna Mater association for a stronger voice towards all competent authorities. Let us all be given the opportunity to make a family and not leave children to be the prerogative of only rich people.

Infertility is not a shame …
It is a dysfunction with a solution! Assisted reproduction techniques have a success rate that ranges from 25 to 30% per therapy cycle, which is comparable to the success rate for fertile couples. The strong voice of the Magna Mater association can make a difference and help break the existing prejudice: we want and we can have a child!

Membership Registration
Pursuant to the association charter, any couple facing an infertility problem or having a child with assisted reproduction can register as a member. The annual membership fee is 50€ and there is a 10€ fee for registration.

[Tachydromiko Tamieftirio] Greek Postal Savings Bank
Account no: 80860904-1 MagnaMater

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